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Bruce Lee

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The Worlds most famous noticeable, face synonymous with martial arts Bruce Lee. The urban legends of his speed very true.. Bruce understood the complexities of the physics or the biophysics of the body the grandfather of today’s MMA .. Bruce’s most noticeable philosophy which is philosophically of evolution, and just about anything of life or man, non-traditional nonclassical, direct and simple.. The creator of Jeet Kune Do , leading to the most famous Gung Fu.. Bruces philosophical approach to the martial arts to absorb what is useful to you, an not having to follow the culture of tradition or take the classical style & utilized the geometry of the body direct and of course simple..

Bruce very much understood the physics of the body the most famous would be the nunchuck, with his speed and the ability to deceive human eyes and the camera. This would be keeping with Albert…

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People With Character


I’m Stein come on Albert Einstein I’m leaving today I need to know the question oh I see like you I question IQ never stop the life of a question it’s the question of a lifetime aren’t you the IQ.. Albert Einstein might of had the highest IQ but it was the imagination that kept it going..

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