Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Steps to happiness


Fearless People smile, acceptable smiles are judged by other people as  kind & acceptable & appreciated..  A Person who smiles more, and frown less a Face smiling friendly with miles of smiles, tend to do more listening & accept, faces of frowning People talking more and more.. People see you smile more, accept and feel you are kind thoughtful and a person who listens to love… Acceptance is the feeling of the steps to happiness..
Complaining & thinkless people with frowns, judging more out of their fear, and are thankless people..
Complaints are completely the thoughts when it comes anybody eles, if they have to listen to others… Complaining, constantly talking about themselves, thinking about anybody else is unacceptable..

Listening alot less to anything and talking constantly & much less.  listening to anything of acceptance of anybody, they love the feeling of being the judge of everybody..

Unacceptable to their very own judgements, all the talking Is completely useless & nothing worth listening to… Anybody of normal, thinking much less, acceptable as a person who can love themself would do less talking..
Fearful of judgments against their complaints about life, they are
completely empty of everything & anything worth having or loving in any life..
The steps lead to nothing, happiness is completely unattainable… Happiness, appreciated loved are fearless people who listen & are of acceptance and have the serenity to  know what they can an cannot change in Life..
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