Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Abstract Understanding


ABSTRACT Understandings
The universe as we know it The Big Bang Theory or series of bangs.. Energy cannot replicate itself. Energy= Mass, cannot replicate itself.

Matter the sum of all infinite information…
Mass equals existence..
Mass squared times Energy times infinity squared.

DNA, RNA electromagnetic, frequencies of sensitivities nucleus, nuclei intrinsic evolutionary binding..

Organisms the body of a Cell, time-space capsule..
Evolutionary bindings biophysics creation where existence..

Special Matter phantom energy the atomic weights and molecular weights.
Bineutron encased single atom.. Lightest and heaviest subatomic and atomic weights…
Creation of new Stars..

Earth evolutionary Forefront.
Past energies planets of creation intrinsic time universal In evolutionary alignments of planets in the Universe.

Biophysics of the human body.. Birth adaptation by frequency electromagnetic & dual poles, balance digestive system  intrinsic of all systems in human body..
Bindings of evolutionary continuum..
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