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Dropping line’s

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Dropping dimes, street crimes, philosophical crazy might be my mind, smooth rhythms to the new sounds beats definitely around ching chong Chang double base flip flop hip hop tiptoe harmony down the street funneling street signs 2 red wines throughout the physics of this quantum time I write a new rhythm based on two beats the syllables of three words never heard that’s absurd let me give you the verb faces places races rostuning forks tunes 13 new rhythm philosophical of crazy minds lyrical like mine downward beats up the street over the hill around the grass squeal the tires on the gas will the fire burns my ass when the rubber meets the road you’ll know just called a horny toad that’s the toe in case you didn’t know. Lyrical conception spiritual wits craziest minds lyrical rhymes to the physics of time wickedly I rhyme poetrys new conception a…

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