Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Wicked waves


Wickedly numbers which ways funnels tunneling speeds of spits inspite of youthful fits. Crazy might in wicked spits cracking youths fountains.  Witter wits youngsters blazing photons in galaxies of wicked spitting speeds splitting wickedness. Concepts of roaming Romes conceptual beauty broadcasting archives in passing passions specific explicit speeds containing informed instructions for conducting orchestrated forms confirming specialist in wicked crazy splits consists in mighty speeds of my wickedness spiraling spits. Architects building consistency of crazy lyrical spits in life’s rhythms, accordingly lines rhymes specifications of depectional whichever wayz spitz display.  Mircales Conforming to wicked splits a specialty of Sires Spitz all by Designs finally a continuous sickness in slickness by a romance in phrases containing a particular purpose to catch phrases. Wicked words compelling two composer’s compile phrases orchestrated words of musical riffs composing symphonies of compromise between complexities. Complex notes whispering flutes hallow clarinotes hallowing clocks tick tocks clicking rhythms of cuco clocks. Numbering the words syllables by philosophy catch phrasing life’s similarities comparing journeys in orchids of wisdom’s in life’s poetry following every word & rhythms working-class of wordsmith. World of poetic poetry unleashing poet’s imgantions constructing philosophy of soft caresses.
Journey through poet’s writings of poetry flows in wording rhythms to the intelligent designs workings of beauties defining the intellectual essence by the hallmarks of the pen’s broadcasting logo. Tip toe Busdy Bosdy bop chid ah bop humbling harmiones soothing humanities to a poet’s heart unleashing life’s complex virtues in living on a moral plateau of Mother Earths grateful gratuities in wild beautys.  Crazy wicked Spitz lyrical of mightiest wits my wicked ideas bytes in mega writes.  Writer’s my lyical riffs craziest witts directional in whichever words phrase conceptual toughts thinking blinking faster fashions speed spinning lyrical spits decides & divide physical times concepts in quantum times finally rhythms to poetrys lyrical rewriting conceptual ways to thinking crazy lyrical ways splitting spicy special funnels the tunnelling tuned spits of lyrical noted riffs inducing three musical splits in counts speeds faster splits words wired wicked numbering every wicked romance with soured puckers of crooked lips walking crooked criss crossing staggering the world in wicked swagger. Personality of a wicked drinking staggering the worldwide swagger the Romero to wickedness a bleak mindful sickness of craziness with heart to condone life’s to love.

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