Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Humble Harmony


Humbling harmony tip toe walking straight the crooked line sways & grinds a staggering wavering wager. Suduces life’s wisdom’s of a mytics monumental proportions of bravery & dedication. Building architect’s to wonders of a star’s swagger permering chandeliers lighting architectural wonder to feats of world’s greatest Features. Knighted to Sires’s gratuities in gratefulness for all his weakness with strength & desires of transducing more wonderful premiers featuring a worldwide permering beauty. Starring wickedness Sires’s Prince &singing praises of everything every day. Theories compelling of Scientifical Discoverys historical proportions of mythical wisdom’s ageless living inside a prestigious platue feasting gorgeous gourmets flavorful quiziens of life’s elegance ever giving fulfilling wisdom’s. Laughing longer to live love’s longest length of unconditional virtues future’s much stronger than ever before. Life’s elegance paces of quantum speeds inpeeds any other desires. Mending meomeries gourmets flavorful of passing passions, rise to floating resins of steamed proposes to get the best experiences with proportions for world’s largest universal beauty in Life’s preaching Sweet sermons due preacher’s. Sier’s poetry has unleashed powers of imaginations to mytics with mythical proportions express sheer gratuities in gratefulness for every wicked ways wacky words talking phases in wickedness trough stiffness of a philosophical philosophy for love.

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