Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Loves compassion


Compassion tasteful delight of love, live simple, peace and harmonyof love.. Love generously, laugh vigorously, life is sweeter together depend on love hope and believe in a lifetime of love it’s strength to be cherished.
Inspire the inspiration of acceptance listen to your heart, forgive and love together life is sweeter than the red strokes of love.
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Oblique to oblige £ove`s passions of my heart, crime is no passion, no pain, qualities antiquities of my heart. Crime`s of no £ove, no passion, no pain, beauty, hopefully fulfilling with obligation antiquities of my heart`s £♡ve passions..
£ove fondels passions of my heart, crime starts no passion, no pain, antiquities qualities of my heart..
Antiquities qualities passions , no pain, no start antiquities equalities the qualities of my heart. Philosophical persuasive but yet pandering the
beautiful passoins of my pain equities, antiquities, qualities beauties of my heart’s £ove. Perceptions perceive pandering beauties, qualities, antiquities, equities of my heart the beautiful, the pondering £ove of a beautiful heart.. Beautiful £ove, beautiful qualities, antiquities equities of my beautiful wife’s £oving heart’s desires..

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