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New Conception of Theories


Theoretical new concept of this new age in time it will blow your mind. Its like the physics of time but faster than a greasy grimy good time. Postcards of past times with these new lines ringing the new year  all throughout this year. New age modern wisdoms of agless-timeless age, worldwide webcasting Apples, old premier streaming the new frontier. With these new lines written in this new age of quantum times. Americans new philosophical heat of love philosopher, its time for my new worldwide Premier a philosophical leauge of my own self, final exam best experience of the heart’s humanity and the mind & body in harmony with   & attitude of acceptance giving affections. Are you down with this “new age” an era of times. Richer for the experience with the wealth of life, & love of a richer Man. I’m Stien come to my tale of my bodys temple in the provocative Arts. Suduce the succulent fruits of life, taste of wisdoms, walkthrough the orchids of lifes tasteful delights in this modern new age. The Prime Minister of the “heart’s love” support the promotion of the heart.             
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