Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Eye spheres

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Beautiful shapes colors by spheres are the eye colored beauties by the shape less of circlesº are the eyes.. ¤_¤`→:’◇:¤¤:Colors by evolutions of prisms in rainbows of reflections double diamonds singular of →planes.. Energyºcolors the life of the beauty coloring the gaze flames neither hot or the color neither flame…
Take to is, :-:’such I to think, See looking colors desire heated by colored Heart,
C:O:O Ls every color hot by the €ye ..♡¤_¤♥
Beauties of the colors of the beauty you see are soft by the Colour.. Eyes soft the beauty of colors Beauty to the €ye….

The :-Decision is not of the brain colors of the £ove see’s energies physical displays bodies it’s all of mind of being. .Such love to a human.. Love reflected by the rainbow colored by beams the prison of body leaving deflections of energies displayed misty colors physical beauty the color’s the sky…

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