Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

♡£oves Orchid♥


Orchids of angelique wisdom due theory of a theoretical query. Questions the last time, of a question to love, a lifetime of conceptual to conceive & Rome due belive the imagination.
The philosophical theater a philosopher’s theory due permier, angelique wisdom, radicals querie love’s due lovers philosophy.  A gallivanting theoretical in a philosophical “who call” philosophy of conception.  Philosophers convey, £oves concived Philosophical persuasiveness, strength to convey love. The beauty of £ove’s philosophy, beauties of philosophical heart’s, due £ove’s  beauty to Romes architectural beauty.
Stature silhouettes, swift hourglass shapes, swifter speeds £ove’s sweet roaming beauty.
Persuasive personality of cherished philosophy, £oves’s due strength, to call abilities to bend & mend philosopher’s conditions of a call to a “philosophical unconditionally” philosophy.
Question’s due go forth love beauty to see, to £ove’s philosophical philosophy  convey £ove’s conceived of conveyed  Philosopher’s therory persuasive beauty. Stature silhouettes of hourglass perceives philosophical theories such succulent aroma’s of beauty, sweet new philosophy of £ove.
Architectural wonders, of centerfolds cylindrical beauties mier architect’s  convey a perception  beauty of loves architecture wonder, ever a cylindrical bodied silhouettes of beauty. 


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