Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Mask of love


The mask of love different places different faces there’s only one mask.
The mask of love the protector, provider  of romance forever guarded heart..

Sacred love the romantic love guarded by the secret mask of love the hearts forever tender and oh so vulnerable..
Protection from the exposed weather security when we need denial when guarded.

The warmth & feeling guarded by the mask of love.
Romantic when protected never to be exposed the heart of true Love.. Provide every feeling by the guard the Sacred Hearts of love exposed never a romantic exposure of love..
The isolation unprotected bewildered exposed in the weather to become secure and reassured by the mask forever Love..

In the garden the fruits of love picked ripe. Sweetest laborers, romantic of love it’s sweet but  flavors the taste of Love.
Thorns ever so long only by the ripest fruits, tastier the labor romantic, by the flavor the favor of love.  Tastes so sweet, romantic ever when it’s Love enjoy the flavor, ever so to be romantic; the sweetest of most the labor of Love..

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