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Dear Marilyn Monroe

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Profoundly petite preponderance due eyes beholding such beauty Persuaded eyes mier simple perception of beauty. Stature hourglass shapes a persuasive body proceeds preponderance of minds, pleasing sweet aromas, succulent perfumes persuade my perceptions leaving senses weakend proceeding seeing such beautiful elegance sheer silhouette Goddess of body’s , peering due two eyes, gazing at the Beauty, the best brilliance of any mastermind, a simple gaze preponderance of what’s to be, sees beauty & honor, elegance sleek ever beautiful body.
Persuasive & very perceptive a Flame burning anu desire of passion rearranges thoughts of morailty to persuasive seeking of devilish actions, breathing harder, hearing the hints of passions my hearts flaming with desires of devilish & promiscuous powers .. Panting, increased fluttering of my hearts, adoring A silhouette Greek goddess of a body shape adored by the Godess of silhouettes, persuasive sexual mixtures purcuring the persuasive Music, mier site of a prace…

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