Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Memories of butterflies


Gelecs are butterflie ‘s 2 wings.. Angelique whisps of air, very pleasing breeze’s due childhoods winds persuasive memories.  Two glazed eyes, what a child believes, is what a child sees two eyes perceives, due butterflies markings deceive.. Angelic two eyes, see as a child memories butterfly nets.. Backyardigans are the butterflies all the dreams wrapped up in memories of a child’s mind only due wisdom, now the minds recives best of memories… Grandma’s to Grandpa’s Murphy’s.. Zippo’s flames Mending memories of due butterflies nets, now mends more than Childhoods memories of Ice Cream treats…
  Cravel & Good Humor Froggy green Ice cream, Beauty tastey Treats from the backyard, due workings of Grapevines, mends photographs of pictured memories, begins Stunning age old times smiles & more grins are wide  smiles of a memory..Fruity vines, Black Ravens, nesting wings of beautiful times..Colours due New Yorks city, Cocoons of Life’s due blossms of time; due Poet’s Skills; Question every Bill face bird; now I due Believe Only Time will Tell… Cherry blossoms orchards of great wisdom the Angelique one with wisdom what a man sees when grape dries…Angelique orchids of cherries, ine wisdom beautiful by the Blossoms in Pinks Angelique’s seasons due blossoms, seasonal of season’s cherished due man’s reasoning aromas of Future.. Passed smells of seasons give man’s reasoning of the four seasons passing wisdom to every great Angel due devotion to the wisdom of a man’s sigh….

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