Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Red beauties


Energies colored prisms of Love enegries are the Lady;º :Dressed in Fashions  Amberes red hot, blazing burning beauties. ?

£ightspeed Spears prisms of photons greatest of all energies,:-) colored by Love’s energy, :-:₩€-\fashion in every sense along the catwalk displayed..

Deflections of energy Love’s colored, Red dresses  the energy of photon’s dazzling Diamonds of çolors, deflected fashions beauty observed  the eye shape less the shear;  Collected energy by the Observer..©

Baffeled brilliance  by a  single sense in every Fashion, Energy only Love, ever in fashion,  Energy colors, Diamond displays the Heart energy never to be fashioned…

£♡V€  € N € R G €  in Fashion®

Unique observer  of energies colored red, unique to every eye, the observer see’s brilliant displays §parkling diamonds Love’s  color unique to the eye of the beholder..

§treaking photons colored red blazing downward colors drifting forces the beauty love’s gravitational pull,  receptive energy to every color hearts of many…`:-♡:-☆→◇★

International influence the energy sparkling by colors of Love, receptive repeating the continual energies of Love..

{`£♡¥€ +:’☆:’ Spiritual: :{‘º€nergies*}

Beauties ;sparkling:’ the ring of :-Diamonds colored beauties on the finger of every bride to be Beauty dress in fashion, sparkle in every sense the :◇::Diamonds represents much more beauties spiritual º€nergies, dazzling brilliance:’ diamonds of energy valued invaluable spiritual energy display the bow of colors exchanging
☆*£♡V€::ºcontinuum of energies continual perpetuation ◇

Continue Loves’ being sparkling spirits sparkle & displays to the Universe: ever the energies of Love fashion since, all conceptions of the universe interconnected Own S§elf©


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