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Quantum Spitz


Quantum spiritual spitz micro bits q’s engagement on particles point over point squares q bits add sums of nano speeds increasing subatomic entanglement of quick quantum speediest skills acquired double problems you can’t hire at times quantum rhymes with quad phases twice three paraphrases pointing token rings nets works for broadcasting quality qbits mightiest premiers of shear sharpest molecule surgical switchblades precision incision social skills in phillies world of words just in case you haven’t heard races places faces engagement new phases of quad frequency shift keying speeds double sound barriers with fastest spiritual spits faster might craziest minds. playing in the dark stalking the midnight hour prowling this wicked hour prince of darkness strolling through the drama like a star studed broadcasting future’s primer Only crazy is the vehicle of transformation, poet’s changing the world one sentence at a time. Wickedly romancing poetry orchestrating symphonies of poetic rhythms. Writing the red glow of the most beautiful wicked red rose I suppose its smooth & flows through beats of newest rhymes. Seasonal spicy sauce of earth’s four seasons. The angelic orchids of wisdom walking life’s journey throughout virtues of loves unconditional moarls. Broadcasting the first dawn  morning light’s streaming the seasonal premiere walking distance to endear perseverance of Earth’s four season’s in pubs pocket to laugh joke an have a beer. Cheers Paul Revere who wholeheartedly spew the Brits are here the books are here for poetic poetry to stick Sir holy witness.
Twice eyes to sheer witness poetry soft a burst into rhythm of newest version of power and poets know it.  On the run stun by spits of spiritual whitts sticky sticks mightiest my spicket of lyrical spitting witts splits youths fountain of halfway house’s sweet double click faster my double killing spit 2 in one specialized murderous riff now target acquisition of petitions to remove the machine gun Joey quit complaining spits killing cycles with my ideas quick witted quality double fitz chilling the style convinced I’m a newbie with stamina for the place sets a new pace speed on my side quick to stick double jab black eyes quality of sticking an moving companies in speed faster from fucking rabbits in co habits I’m going break three habbits.
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All rights reserved
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