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Wicked Wisdoms Walk


Wicked at the walk the lines crooked crossing, the time wicked why I walk like a crooked clock, tick tock rewind the second hand of time. Second line dope cycle of your time’s wicked Rome’s its a marriage of the worded thrown.
It’s all how you condone, may you Rome with a stars swagger. Mick Jagger wicked tongue crooked lips, what a trip worded displays, too many ways take a single which way a worded one way street around, the grandfather of time for farther in circles of words cycled with wickedness, now work on lines with wickid sways neither of which wickedness sways. All to many wicked ways wacky words a preacher prays, it a marriage of Sires’s words of groom’s comb while a honey moon’s continue  divorcing of wicked times throughout wickedness in time if you’re mind’s wicked.
Fire burns now what wicked earns, now mends and bends time & space with single line’s.  Wikid swift speeds, charming of how poet’s poetry fondels minds of different breeds it’s all the words like seeds of a week’s word. Crawling wicked rallys of word’s spoken a conception all from the frontier of downunder, read this wicked wonder.
Wicked tears crys 3 musketeers, writes years of dreaded displays sweetness in a wicked fruitful way. Steps up a guided ladder climbs wikid word’s, casting a gaze of which haze numbers the day’s. Reworking the stirke of poet’s stabbing the heart’s, publishing books of face’s a wickedness of Sires’s desires, reworded recordings a positive processed preserves poetic poultry a chicken’s chief cooking to serve.

Wickedly can you walk the walk and talk the wickedness of the topic talking poetically. Swish swash around goes the windows front sink out the doors who knows which way the wind blows speeds of a snail crawls like a cheetahs cheating speeds of Pringles chips bet you can’t just eat one. Watching the radio building  bricks construct other times.  A year’s time to go watch the river it will flow,  like Mel’s Diner where’s the party at , kinda dry martini like, with wicked on Rye.
Commissioner of the five stars, Lone Ranger Hogan’s Heroes stars Gomer Pyle.  Pyles of people stuck on gilligan’s island wickedly holier for the wickedness – the nest full of wickedness more of the wicked less of  the baffling nest.  Tricksters like magician’s on angelical stages, words in a circus of masquerading parades wickedness ,dances the mistress of a ballrooms holy wickedness, check the strut left right around the waist weakness of the random wickedness.

Eyewitness caught wicked strut, I can make any cut sharper questions where is the wicked.  Butcher’s words of half cutting cuticles, a cutter looks like week’s of feastful words, wickedly boxes musicals of prancnig centerfolds, and centered dressing rooms window of wicked wooden frame’s, contained weakness of unstructured line’s architect’s of bleakness,  blesses weakness addresses conformity harmony the chaos of interest.  Internet is quite catchy, have a net full dressed blessed on the  info-road the 411 of the word it’s the latest of newest New with wikid speeds connecting wikidness to your dress on address of protocols are ported wikidness wired by cabless lines sparking chemical receptors of new thoughts roaming Rome. Deception receptive to wikid displays wikid words books of theatrical dramas mere writing lines poet s designs mathematical worded linear equations, od devided words.

Invaluable computational letter’s compile forming complex symphonies to the minds harmonies instruments playing hallow sound’s of winds chimes breezing that oldest memory in time,  passions of past times looking for greater times. Formal formats dines the computational formulas riding the wicked books in future’s of due time, the new age of age old wisdom’s found from passing passions, re wite looks of new sound’s the artist rewriting the conception of torches blazin a poet’s mind, wicked beauty lyrical by the deception written burns torchs of blazing a new mind’s. Presumptive by books to reseve your mind’s wicked hotel it’s vacation from rented times away present by poetic pursits of wiki words induces wonder’s of conceptual worlds strategic captain of love both Star Trek guided tour of Fantasy Island not by the spoken not by the word not by the gods but by the creation of an imagination called the poets written word curse of the condemned wicked foggy on words that compile Cyclopaedia of imaginations created dictionaries of where did worded creations starts  civilization’s buying a booking to read or responded with smartest of words, reading the book of the good word..
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☆U N I V € R S € ★
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