Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Loves Powers


Love powers beyond conceptins of energies the cure, sicked by the very  Love’s powers. Devoted Greek gods Heir to the royal chair, Love’s Throne, Seated Queen of Hearts.. Enchanted powers Mystikal spells devoted lives, due Love…

♡★♡FLAME ☆→→→ ☆♡★BURNING★♡★ ☆♥PASSIONS♡★

Conception Love’s very own energies, displays soft beauties romantic, loves power. 
Dominance all the power to hold power how we live & forgive Love most powerfull.

♡♥£♡V €♡♥

Powerful Love’s time, eternity its  power in love forever,  energies of hearts in love dominace of the heart.Power of love ,wickedness the curse of love, living the demise souls empty of Love, emptiness of life, revived Love’s emnsifiied powers.
Kilowatts by the heart,  Loves  jiggawatts, a preponderance known single if anyone wants a watt…


Never a watch,never a digit, nerver a time, never a who, only a power no mortal to conceive, only the power of Love ,power holds eternity,Powers of Love.
The very beginnings Love’s creation Universe or a single cell, Loves power is beyond powers of Universe Supeme Almighty Love power from beyond. 
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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