Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue



Plum Crazy PURPLE premieres WIKID persuasive red rubies PURPLES purpose of glamour to hear heart’s oh my dear, let me show you the PURPLE premier sweet colors lazy pursuits of purple speeds to pulmb dumb, server only some dumb, PURPLE possibilities providing PURPLES pieces of pampering prince’s prancing to propose proportions of exposed shreds piece’s in places playing pubs song’s prancing parades of public thongs wearing the dreads strings of dreads longer weeds garden’s secrets of provocative plums hearing HOMER’S moans of BART’S barfing in the bathroom’s sink. Counter parts believed BART didn’t know to think in BARTS ” thinking process ” crazy minds” that wow when wher when & BARTS whine.  Honestly say that BARTS hope’s Austins time’s are Austins 007s Powers where WIKI clocks pitcher of double handed ticks propose a prop to persuade pirates of WICKED courses. 
BLACK bearded sailor in the French Riviera, rows paddles swish swash buckles WiKID tides wash aside life’s splish splashes. Masters in architectural’s designs laying the foundation for amazing WICKED life’s,  lives parades mascrading drama’s mere theater’s of life’s elegance in thetratical dramas of Love.  Architectural’s wonder to acceptance of wonder’s newest world’s leading edge cutting a sharper systems in life’s prestigious rome’s.
Smell succulent rose’s drifting aroma’s inhaling the wonder’s of planet’s premier revering three knighted musketeers.
Galavanting the thetratical dramas of passing prince’s, prancing to future’s gaze studed haze. Change the charms of the witty theories of a eye wittiness, blaze burn flames of burning only desire. Drive the course  a swing of life’s golfer’s clubhouse to the prestige of eccentric abstracts mixes color’s in life. Building blocks in bircks of worldly worded travels cultivating a cultured persuasive personality. Poet’s working in world’s largest worded poetry, deception curtious of WICKEDNESS more WIKID lines less fensiness sheer capitalization in prophets phrases temple’s of Sier’s sweet desires.  Mending meomeries gourmets flavorful of passing passions between Prince’s of prancnig master’s of mind’s. Presumptive thoughts persuade my perceptions leaving senses weakend proceeding seeing such beautiful elegance sheer wonder of life’s elegance. Romeo’s theater’s of romantical wizardry in sheer studed displays of masculinity in LIFE. Room to wander no questions asked of life’s elegance to beautiful beginnings of bright memories. Dancing days while dancing glories gaze my eye’s perceive due beauty’s in life’s walking around famed face’s.
Secrets of succulent demise, conceptual series of thinking theories, concepts of general thinking Theory. I’m Stien come to beauty of this new age in quantum times. Perceptions WICKED tongue crooked lips elegant hips swing by sways neither of swagger a few limes soured puckers of a star’s swagger. WIKID swift words WIKID way’s which words compose a orchestrated note in musical rhythms of imaginations playing wind’s chymes of changing times. Liberties of freedom’s chimes ringing rights of reserved thinking thoughts, amendments to admistrative policies.
Dope spit cycles time WIKID lines ryhmes cycles poetry WICKEDLY romance idicitive induction crues to WIKID lines in ryhmes writing lines.  Linking links life to likes in crazy rome’s, dreaded thrones in baffling beauty’s rome’s conceptual haze, numbers delays drawing guideds tourists condones the concepts open mind’s WICKED beauty magnificent views pokes sticks with WIKIDNESS eyes witness wins description in phrases describes changes WITCH’S times change intellectual spits formal dines vineyards vines to tastey fruity wines. Spheres speeds energies lickety splits spitz rhymes craziest WITTS mightiest lines reversing cycles backwards times. Squares rectangular shapes shines shoe’s walks crooked swagger crossing lines webels wobble always slips sweeping swift speeds blinding poetic poetry poses throughout times. Sweet swips rocking riffs strains WHAMMY bar’S streaking sounds ringing bells
In vodoo skies mixes matches blended swirls abstract hurl. Stripes of crooks stepping to crooked walks sways in durnken staggers its just of chaotic chatters in swigy swaggers of back stabbers baffling buffoons quick with a dagger like Mick Jagger Crooked lips wikid spitz sticky tounges stick with crooked lips. Reruns to returns retopectives to corrective conceptions..

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