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Advanced own self knowledge through the cognitive sciences.
Meditation conditioning the mind of thoughtless tranquility & harmony  of body..
Tai Chi various methods applying the body’s energy Chi and allowing fluid movement, healing and increasing antibodies & energies a increase of Chi & healing the Mind & Body..

Mastery of senses developing the hearing of scenery with bearing and range.
The eyes developing contours in nature & sites of unnatural shapes.
Developing the noise, smells of  surroundings with functional directions..
Balance & sense of direction  with the body.
Centerpoints of balance in the body & various positions and heights, vertical and horizontal.
Magnetic North and magnetic directions functional & directional of herizon with distance of sight an range.

Using the distinct sounds of nature the birds chirping or other animals for warning. Directional winds and various hunting tactics with winds & evading human sence..

Invellop a system of own self.

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