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Beautiful flying high

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On top of the World, believe it or not it’s me.. Just when you wouldn’t believe; suddenly you’re flying, as beautiful as life, has new meaning.. As beautiful as the Birds flying, the view from above, Earth’s beauty you can see…
The winds I love, directly under my nose; winds much more meaning, to me.

Uniquely beautiful flying makes perfect sense to me.. Gradually lifting gathering, momentum & suddenly, life has new meaning to me, everything much more beautiful to be..

Just when you think life will take a fall, gather the winds lifting life, flying much more beautiful to me.. Sun sets to end the beautiful day giving me more meaning in life to be, suddenly you’re flying..
Never a view of life, from here more beautiful to me, gives beauty & life meaning, ever beautiful a life to be.

 Beauty of a dream, but wait certainly, awake…

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