Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Blame pain’s artistry

Blame pain’s painted griefs artist for fame either way words are phrases cycles of emotions my worded phrases. Poet’s words working to unleash dreams and imaginations all contained in the words and phrases . Romantical tastes of seductive phrases aroses devilish designs in poetry’s words an phases. Encyclopediaes of words and dictionaries in phrases writing & rewording a wordsmiths world’s by design taste sweeter by wicked spits words into phrases cycles creative thinking thoughts in life’s prestigious romes. Aroma’s smelling beauty in reasonings, rose’s blooming life’s romantical wizardry, comedies in series of theories.  Capitalize the phrased prophet’s wisdom queue phrases temple’s of Sier’s worded phrases building designs architectural wonders buy words of the poets architect’s in constructions of words phrases . Cherish the motions in worded phrases an emotional  struts glamours of burning fire’s, emotional phrases clandestine to the Thrones of love’s delma. Rome all alone conceptual places desires fryers for


Sires’s rome’s just like Ramon’s. Strength stronger crazy minds conceptual writings, rework the worded phrases by single dazzling phrases.  Romance it’s champions of the heart symphonies orchestrated struts in musical strums melodies of the cherished composer’s. Composing the notes to the word throne a philosopher’s philosophical philosophy an instrument of cherished personalities. Dazzling day’s counts the words which ways in a dazed haze numbers delays drawing guideds tour. Companions of companions qutiqe of uniqueness of tenderness. Uniqueness of phrases prancing phases romantic daisies, flowers of budded beauties rose’s poses throughout uniqueness of times clay sculptures conceptions of models available form time. Articulate of seasonal sediments between orchestrated poet’s sucductive wizardry passionate of wicked words phrases of witches wealthy demise of wickedness. Eyes sure do witness perception to perceive where wickedness of poetic poultry cooking chiefs  executives salads,  say where’s the dressing up ranch or Rancheros. Stipulations of where did displays copy patience the formulas of coursework essays in charismatic swift swaggers.  Personalities flavorful of favors in life s uniqueness of diplomatic procedures. Complex thermos a theoretical therapeutic relationship between creature’s. Teacher’s of sediments cleansing & adhering sticky future’s past passions gaze of staring designed desires. Mending time to brittle memories of members of our star studed Biss. Contains criteria city’s ruling of dreaded miss tresses treasons of reasons why the Judge’s overruling mistress in misfortunes a tunings of original orchestrated symphonie of noted noteworthy fifths of rippling riffs strains whammy bar’S streaking sheer high hats stacks of octals in octaves beethoven’s octane in instrumental note philosophical musical rhythms in life’s prestigious love. 

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