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Motivation forever changing

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Extraordinary motivated loving the climb up the ladder in Life.. Just when you think you’ve conquered the biggest mountain in life something, somebody, somewhere kicks you back down..

No rhyme or reason it’s the kick the rhyme of the reason to get back up.. Optimized it’s the opportunist that takes every chance in life it’s the very reason, the motivation, the dedication, to the love, to the wife, to the kids, to better yourself and optimize Life..

Climbing the corporate ladder the struggles of every day Life.. Optimizing the data, the structure, the resources, the customer service the profits, it’s the opportunist, who collects all the data, the Resources, little or not its optimized, its everything no matter how little or how much it’s the optimized resources of the opportunistic person climbing the ever ladder in Life..

The crossroads of Life, no matter when you cross or how you cross…

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