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Enchanted hearts


Enchanted Heart Encased, The modern world full of Love but still empty, fair to be the weather, nothing fair it’s the pain and the weather to wait for all.. Emptiness in the modern world only a heart with a profile it’s the 1 ,0 of love in a modern World.

Ever changing the world never the hearts of ever changing a world. The number of visitors to the case where I display encased my heart in Love.

Enchanted by Museums in Modern World’s: historical story of the Love & Champions of Hearts.. Relics of the past displayed Encased Love.. The modern world to see but not to feel the 1,  & 0′  a beacon of my Love.. History,  the story of the enchanting Hearts..

Encoded why the modern world its just a profile of love by the 1’s 0’s  Digital  Love encoded the modern world historical significance servers up information not to server of two  hearts enchanting of Love..

Log on access granted to the Heart search results returned  the 1’s 0’s information on empty profiles,  looking for  enchanting Love, emptiness of the heart searches historical in this very Modern World..

Encased the love , once at a time past, upon a Echanting Heart searching every encoded beacon, the  search of  Kings , champions of Hearts in Love, the Knight shining armor encased a Man’s heart encouraged by Love. 
The enchanting Prince looking very hard, through every enchanting Forest.

The story Encased now displayed in Museum’s of the modern world the tail of the Prince with an enchanting heart living a Love, more enchanting everyday, now just a display in the very very Modern enchanted World’s of champions of heart’s cheating, Emotional; feelings, romantical, & romances of Love..

Historical stories of ways to once, embrace the enchanted Heart in Love….
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  1. ahhsioux

    This digital love crap gas bothered me from day one. Intuitively one can connect and feel a heart, but the digital connection has a VERY DARK SIDE in deception which, frankly, taints the relationship instantly.

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    January 9, 2015 at 11:30

  2. ahhsioux



    January 9, 2015 at 11:30