Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Time’s compromise


My mind grinds & holds mystical cycles proportions of time’s compromises life’s fascinating noteworthy gifts. Spiritual whit’ s  from the Maserati mind one-of-a-kind speeds in excess always blessed.

Grateful gestures expressed in the mystical wisdom’s of wicked words most provocatively from the decisive mind, never two of a kind. Speeds  fast thinking blinking just Maserati mind warp speed,  splits the physics of rhymes in half & slicing and dicing creating mythical lines customary by design in the future’s broadcast of tonight’s early premiering this right here.

I set pace & commandeer your mind, one word at a time. Transducing fear to feveres Limitless fears, strength abilities of a lyrical minds twice for you to hear tuning mystikal virtues turning fevers into believer’s.

Word’s that pop 2 lips with double hits no wonder it’s just thunder of my roar in line’s,  live life with the sweat of fears.  Lyrical designs tasty bits of better Future’s  in free -style -“gold” avast this word engineer, extoradinary spits of spiritual wit’s tasty bits of a crazy mind leaving the ordinary checking out the extraordinary introverts & retrovert this inert bomb line saving devastation without hesitation.


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