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Echos of proverbs


Distinct words echoing my impeccable designs of customary words echoing the reverbs of my distinct verbs custom designs of futures inpeccable rhymes.
The future’s word crimes ahead of time contorting & distorting dimensions of intentions from the physics of time.
Slicing and dicing the fabric of time in a single file line customary to my design of this lyrical rhyme.
Single-handedly I splice & indice the futures design ahead of time’s incision of scalpels sharpest precision of this precise word in time. 
Echos bellowing distinct lyrical chimes in symphonies  of synonymous word’s impeding & breeding.
The spiritual spitz inspite the tasty delights of my lyrical line’s. Custom speeds impeccable time’s off the line, lighting brilliance of resilience in this crazy mind,  scientific indeed prolific of terrific word’s with swagger that stagger life’s crooked clock’s in time’s of wicked designs.

Lyrical pioneer with classic rhymes a mythic of wicked lines dimensions to the extensions from the back of your mind.  Rewinding the second hands of a rhetorical time aworded crime this is no fairy tale. This is the classical tale of times tattletale.
Word engineer set to commandeer your mind one word at a time.
Hesitation is a moment away from legislation of my cancer like rhymes eating pathetic fairy tales.
Echos of the reverbs words you haven’t heard triple the verbs wicked proverbs in a proverbial away. Double the wicked flips in life’s backflipping ways confronting the single day every day no matter the dismay.
Distortion of times contortion I contort the word’s in last resorts,
I know it hurts an flirts. 
I reverse whatever’s rehearsed, sticking word’s in back of a hearse, in a single verse my word’s stagger & have swagger an pack a phenomenal punch from a personality with staggering swagger.
Classical times and mystical rhymes sweet tic TOCs from crooked clocks. Times a tattletale which tale it tells is times pace of life’s rhythmic pace. The two hands of time with sweet poetic chimes of harmonies in the classics of time.  Wicked tales fairy tales only time will tell if it’s a fairy tale of tattletales or classics of pathetic trails in wicked tales.

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  1. The GMLA

    Fairy tales and mythology taking a new route now.


    January 20, 2015 at 17:24


    It’s hard to keep up with you 🙂

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    January 24, 2015 at 03:58