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Own self acceptance

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Own self acceptance has been long and the price is unvalueble to have children.. And has costed everything nothing short just a heartbeat..
I have made excuses for other people many times.
I have said too many times, I got lucky, for my heart has been there. Intellectual freedom is not a leadership style inside the military.
I’ve known for a while and I have refused ignored every statement and such statements my own mother to you could be a millionaire easy not the point not at all the money or money its not worth the People who go after it.. It did no difference, it did nothing for me I found more troubles and hassles.. It did not make me a better person, money does not make the person.. Well let’s get on with it..

I’m Stein come on Albert Einstein its getting cold out here want you to…

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  1. No, we have our limitations and abilities, each given for our own purpose! There are things I can’t do, I don’t focus on those, or try not to, because there is plenty I can still do!

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    February 12, 2015 at 17:08