Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Pleasant to evolve.


It’s a pleasure to rhyme this prestigious philosophically crazy mind,  speeds of a Maserati mind approaching inaccess the speed of light barrier I’m the carrier of a different breed. A speedster with slick lines dimensions: era of an expansion in the wicked mind now let me blow your mind with three words flip the script double the verbs. That’s it girl lick those lips shake those hips shake that ass here I got the money for some gas that’s it girl revolutionize that ass. Indeed I’m the gentleman with speed a different breed speedster of provocative rhymes in a conception of deception protruding from the back of your mind sweet words indeed playing with lines breeding new kinds of poetrys crimes. 2 thirds of wicked words online there’s a warrant out for my kind speed stirrers of Lyrical lines, a word engineer to pioneer in awards for wicked words. Approach wickedness with wicked contention it’s a conspiracy of the wicked we get off indeed indicative of conspiracy in the conspicuous sense in a full-bodied poetic poetry, being a circular dance a taste in wickedness provocative, most in wickedness, singing a romance that’s how it Pops an never stops wickedly. Off the hips,  better than the lips taste the word’s,  as they pop off the lips indeed pretty seed, in tastes of many different breeds its wickedness conspicuously buy a worded demise never in disguise wickedly by surprise. The practical Prince of a holy wickedness, it resonates doesn’t hesitate with the speed to impede many different ways a heart bleeds indeed conspicuous to the holy wickedness of a delirious delusion it’s an illusion of the allusion of weakness protruding from the back of your mind it’s one of a kind and its intentions is wickedly at minds of the conspicuous the most indecent wickedness. It’s a wicked Prince the way I dance like a sweet romance on the ballroom floor she dances prances, exotic bleeds from many different breeds indeed wicked themes seeded dreams of Romantic comedy CIA cooperating with the DEA lame ducks the FBI looks like the NSA we don’t play devastation never hesitation a moment away we’re evolve to resolve mitigation creation legislation encrypted phrases wizrtrii in worded chants it’s a sacred dance of wickedness. Forfitting governments institutions we have better resolutions it’s principles of the Constitution which no legislation contains removal of rights, its independence by human rights granted by the Bill of Rights. It’s an evolution of this institution we call the evolution of man with the better resolution.  We’re all creatures & animals on God’s given land.

On the edge of man’s revolution by evolving resolving irritations legislations.  Broadcasting a worldwide premiere the evolution as a solution man to evolve now we resolved this institution it’s part of the resolution this is where we make a stand for the greatest of lands. Streams of wicked dreams amusement park themes. Indeed many hearts will bleed but that’s what it takes on the edge of an evolution revolution of societies in deeds it’s dedicated decency by the matter of deeds. Wicked inprints inscripted encrypted wierd worded chants, provocative romance.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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  2. The GMLA

    legislation’s. No work if they don’t terrorize. The law never changed. OMG work! What a concept instead of public, human terrorizing through irritation, work.

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    January 7, 2015 at 00:12