Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Attitudes of energy.

What are the effect attitude ripples .The effect energies of your attitude affect a lifetime effects, cause and effect attitudes affect ripples energies displacement of energies attitudes displaced.. Energies of attitudes rippling the ripples of negitive energies ripple through  attitudes, effects place of energies cause for effect. Energies of attitudes actions, reactions the cause & effects, energies displaced ripples of energies attitudes a rippling effect ripping.  Energy displacing defective energies.. Displacement all energies a Lifetime Achievement defective cause & effect actual attitudes energies of two , attitude negative of one.. Attitudes energies negativity due energy displacement enough chilling effects.
Negativity energies displaced single handedly rebelling, effecting energies attitudes energies of displacement negative many positive, to many negative energies attitudes of everyday attitudes. Energies relaxing energies, reactions to contraction of energies continuously so you tell me free energies displaced a figured energy. ? Energies a type of attitudes energies displaced gravitational effects, attitudes energies displaced polarized indicative energies.  Greater effect do equal to effect of energies. Equal visions energy equal of effect negative, positive equal of contractual effect polarization effects energy negative attitude energies to displace attitudes polarization


energies of displacement negative fight rippling effect, effective attitudes energies..             
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