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Provocative Abstract Lover


Provocative artist take me for an abstract lover
here in the field of my dreams
the beautiful white dove
of loves unconditional virtues
a provocative love from the white dove,
the beauties unleashed unchained unconditional, the beauties of loves provocative.

Provocative abstract lover
Uniqueness I wear on my sleeve
to appease I don’t mind all the stairs.
Provocative stare the abstract colors of your eye’s beauty’s intellectual cuites of my dreaming heart.

Provoke the provocative the abstract mind loving the abstract lover the philosophical intellectual kind provocative in every wicked rhymes.

Provoking the prodding a prodigy of Lyrica lines teacher of pandemic Rhymes futuristic customary by Design provocative abstract lover.

Provocative disguise undercover I’m your abstract lover the provocative artist foking the heart of an artist at heart. Here in my field of dreams are the thoughts walking through the open fields of my dreams.
Humbling harmony in thoughtless tranquility reality is the dream throughout the fields of my thoughts.
Here in my dreams of reality the escape from conformity of man’s duality. Ripples of my dreams throughout the scenes of thoughts.
Mirrors reflecting the emotional thought In my field of thoughts where dreams
become words of spoken reality.
Shadows of reality where dreams
Resemble the words of man’s spoken duality
Closer to my thoughts then Spoken reality.

The dreams of unspoken
The thoughts of my dreams to become reality
Become closer to my heart then spoken reality
Speaking the words of a close reality
Closer to my dreams the spoken words
of man’s duality here in the field of my thoughts.
Sparks of my thinking thoughts closer to my dreams
fix broken reality here in my field of thoughts.

Promiscuous dreams of thoughts provoking reality.
Closer to my dreams of reality speaks throughout  my feild thoughts.
Perceptions of reality to the fields of my thoughts.
The imagination of my dreams to speak reality through the field of my thoughts.
The clergy of provoking words the words of reality in my field of thoughts.
Abundance of words in my field of thoughts provoking the spoken reality.
Imagine the dreams of spoken reality here in my field of thoughts where dreams become the remote thinking thoughts.
Evasive words of persuasive thoughts.

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