Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Speeding Venom.


Stealthy speeds of snake’s indeed, slithers with the speed.  Monical King Cobras ever the spittng snake’s accuracy & speed.

World speeds of fangs, inducing indicative neurotoxin’s, Pro coagulants, Hematomas bleeding profusely faster than the coiled Spring spitting speed.  Cobras spittng acurcy of speeds with 10 feet plus accuracy .

Coral springing speeds receipt of spit the recipient receives toxic spit, bringing blinding speeds, charming speeds of King Cobra’s. India’s snake charmers remove the fangs of the deadliest speed, charmers  speed of fooled ever the speed of man, losing the charm of the fangs speed.

Blinding speed, trauma strikes with fangs injected three quarter inch deep, subcutaneous injection deadliest venom bleeding profusely indicative of toxins, speed runs of toxic blood leaving the brain unconscious, speeds of coiled Cobra’s charm.

Snake handling speeds herpetologist handle at the beginning slow non venomous snakes. The maturity grows the speeds of snakes The Herpetologist grows & handles the speeding non venomous snakes.. Graduating to the speed  of venomous by a fang, smartest when learning the handling of a snakes body language, the talents of speed the venom ever rushing deadliest is the Black Mamba. A Venom so strong to kill a man 1/2 half hour a lucky man. In 1998 the Black Mamba venom formulated by medical toxicologist anti venom the percentage of kills is still 97%.. Mamba family come in various colors, Miami is known as the Capital of exotic species, South Florida has the only Venom unit, due to inhabitants introduction of unatural snakes overtaking the land.. (Constrictor Family Pythons & Boa’s )

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