Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Broadcasting Wisdom


Broadcasting this world wide premiere in grateful gestures gratuities of compromises our settlement of sediments in complexities, life’s symphonies of noteworthy chimes.
In upscale paces to better days and numbers the tasty bits bushels of better times in a morsel bite sized wisdom in wiser word’s of angelic wizardry no rehearsal but its all reversible in life’s glitzy glamour, the beauty of tomorrow’s future premier broadcasting as tonights early premiere.

Monumental proportions of a mystical bravery a profit in prophets of a personal philosophical philosophy a stature in values an morality of forward looking positive attitudes. Living a lifetime of love’s virtues in unconditional love. Custom Maserati speeds of my philosophical crazy mind so I set new designs and dimensions earth’s extensions of the imaginations in wickedness.
Man’s revolution of evolving creation of legislation to the resolutions of future’s greastest time.   A word engineer contorting reality with the winds of change with a swift breeze. Writing life’s fascinating scripts to worded trips, wicked double scrips of backflips changing the design. Customary touching the sands of time with a wicked new rhyme.

Throughout the history of time the futuristic design by a cherished personality with words of swagger a peaceful drunken stagger. Composing the sediments between two composers competing for the bleeding hearts synonymous symphonies of orchestrated compositions.
Lyrical pioneer of spiritual spitz in life’s glitzy glamor a hammer nailing the wicked stammer. 
Living in peaceful harmony with tranquility.
I contort and distort time by squaring & comparing reality to functionality of my scientific rhymes. Orchestrated without a conspiracy of time, but echoes time’s essence, reverbs of twice the word’s putting pleasure into words.
A word engineer splicing & dicing the physics of rhymes custom designs futuristic characteristic of this lyrical pioneer set to appear.  My spiritual spitz of tasty bits, morsels of bite-sized wisdoms living in time’s space continuum’s of life’s broken rhythms.
Walking the wiser wisdom in life’s journey, living the tip-toeing humbling harmony. Enjoy life’s mythical memories of the unique people and fascinating designs of Earth’s architectural wonders. Listen to the thunder of your intuions journey with the blind faith, & spiritual growth. 

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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