Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

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The wicked theoretical theories, telling tallest tales a wikidness in poetic poetry, persuasive of sexual hourglass shapes swifter speeds of wkikd stories. Persue this persuasive poet, provocative of wealthy poetic poetry, providing priceless wikid lines, rhyming the poetic poetry.
Romantic of poet’s succulent poetry, deception of wikid words, decives provocative worlds of a warrior’s persuasive word’s. Invaluable timeless mastery of wikid mind’s work, lessons of mind timeless, priceless invaluable of persuasive “craziest” mind’s.
Presumptive of ageless wisdoms presumes time’s, clay sculptures a photograph of past pictured times. Perceptions of perceived love, beauties singing songs in life, worthy of dancing prince’s prancing through distances of love’s in life. A Symphony of Orchestra’s of musicals prance a sheer beauty of Life’s elegance wisdom’s living life’s Angelique’s seasons due orchards of great beauties.

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