Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue



Awaken to the aromas mocha white chocolate out flavors of morning enjoyment do awaken Cappuccino “flocking Chinos, Frappuccino thia afternoon , hold nothing of Gucci its flavors beauty, my big thank you; the cup in the morning kiss my beauties felling her lips, of eyes  fluttering good morning sweetheart the flavor of favor service my beauties the heart my intellectual `Gucci,  mornings never wondering..

Honey your tablet is in the brown leather Gucci business pocket with the laptop yes sweetheart Xeion quad 4 dual boot 2012 server, all in your Louis Vuitton leather business case Microsoft, Linux” “Rad Hat” to that and a pencil, galaxy s4 has the brief yes dear I animated for you both, PowerPoint and Adobe, laser pointer & your sunglasses all there sweetheart, “relax” enjoy your coffee….

Sexy sweetheart my booty Gucci gotta love  tastey relations of sweetness in Frappuccino, fix the flavors, NOY my beauty  intellectually “Gucci”..

  Don Perrion A Seafood platter; Maine lobsters calamari  shrimp& scallop , Alfredo & thin luginnani sauteed garlic fresh romaine and spinach leaf chef salad… Sound good for dinner tonight.?

Thank you sweetheart tonight,  the fireplace,   I’ll:’ light and lay down the Duvwa,  I wrote some new poetry shall I ,  Sweetie ware you’re  new lingerie ,I’ll get naked & Gung Fu for you… I have some new moves
they’re General Dynamics in the making of the process, 
Geo thermal by a process of dynamic bodies ever the flames blowing the beauties of markings sparks hotties the friction  ever heating passions absurd flavors love only the Flavor a Gucci ,  my heart  forever..

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  1. You have been wonderfully and beautifully prolific in your blog of late!

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    February 22, 2015 at 01:21