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Distained Harmony.


Distained harmony it’s blissful anything but remorseful. Distortion of reailty’s contrition with no remorse twice the devastation without hesitation it’s a crime of the short fuse you can’t refuse the hurt of being used confused or abused either way its repression to an obsession with words of depression it succeeds you, it will bleed you, not too many will read the signs of you, hesitation of you before your devastation in review.
Progress no regress with Congress ain’t doing no progress of legislation, its aggravation of rhetorical words excuses for abuses in misuses for the few it makes the review that much easier sleazier  when it comes to you.
The depression from the suppression, depressed now you’re obsessed repressed it’s strained stress, not impressed with rhetorical words of the absurd,by a wicked word.
Distinct distained harmony for the wicked word the absurd the elite few who sit in ill repute the dispute ain’t worthy of you.

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