Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Deceptive & receptive


My lines are receptive and deceptive all in the same costs of time. It’s the way I work the words its complexity in dexterity uniqueness in a precise precision timing the philosophical mind deceptive yep receptive perceived by your perception of a hypothetical series of theories in a theoretical crime dropping the numbers of diamonds multi-faceted beauties dexterity of a complexity in eccentricities based on personalities explicitly but simply put Perplexus the decisive to be precise of pinpoint time’s diverse complexities. Words rich in complex dexterity configurations of former formats compiling the unique flexibilities. Multi-positions of timing needle-like  incision of a precise pin-poke.  Stick to eye’s who witness the eyewitness in precise. Provocative disguise undercover receptive in the deception an illusion to the preceding precise moment. Provocative artist the abstract kind facilitating the future broadcasting of the physics in my lines.
Weaving the cross stitched fiber, stitches of times reality sutures boarding functionality in reality.
Complex scientific formats splicing computational procedures in complex cities of uniqueness.
Diverse lyrical pioneer set’s the genius of a word engineer installing word’s in flexibility of elastic durability.
My words put the pleasure into eccentric personalities a function of a unique mystic with complexities of a cherished multi-faceted personality.

Futuristic customary to a scientifical discovery of my words in the physics of times reality distorting by contorting the perception you perceive as reality. My words weave the crossed stiched fabric of time, lingering sediments of words echoing a passion in the history of time the eye’s witness will bear the sticky remnants of tasty bits and sweet silhouettes.
I conform to none the uniqueness of one, my words are explicit complex societies of wicked stampeds.
Two eyes 1 stick the eyewitness provoking the prodding of unique dexterity. Compliments of a philosophical crazy mind with speeds in excess of a maserati. The dukati is worthy I have a precise precision pinpoint in a needle like incision.

I cut new designs with flavors of time I cut a new design with flavors of a banana splits when I spit it’s blitz time to visionary unique miss the words that can’t work it’s the words of last resort. Complex & patient computational formulas of a decisive mind. The physics of my rhymes are futuristic designs with custom strings of bling & blind the physics of my rhymes are futuristic designs with custom streamlined & blind weaving a new fabric in the history of time

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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21st Century’s Poet
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