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Preacher of word’s


I’m the preacher of rhyming word’s.  Prince of every wicked third word rocking the reverb, have you ever heard playing with word’s of the wicked proverb.
Sounds absurd until you hear these wicked words of two thirds that rhyme in line are mine the Wicked Romancer the dancer of wicked witches tuning the pitches in holy wickedness more conspicuous then bird’s flying with my wicked word’s dropping dines in tasty rhymes in word’s that are crimes, in my line’s of wicked rhymes doing time for a worded crime, felonies in a profile line.

Wizard of word’s playing with the philosophical proverb like sitting in pew with the view of twisted two wicked word’s killing the physics of time in a single file line, which squares & impairs, speeds that impedes the wine leaving you staggering across the crooked line, that swings and sways in a swampy way, delays the extension of the eye’s to witness this mistress of time, kicking word’s to dimensions where looking for time’s wicked extension.
Call it prevention in contention within your pretension, it’s my invention of wiser word’s of wicked wisdoms from the Wicked a Romancer of the prancing prince of wickedness like a King on the worded throne sitting alone with a chair for a queen in rhymes awaiting the times for her beautiful line’s of wicked rhymes in word’s.

Face down looking like a clown my rhymes
stick and click I crush three verbs in 1 word
2 syllables it’s all killable the way I wickedly rhyme
catching the second hand every time rewind double
time straight hopping out into time in a rewording crime
illegal grams to sweet ounces of dope rthmes in rhythm
noteworthy symphonies orchestrated with time conspicuously
I can rhyme three words rocking the reverb
& squares matters of money honey.
Flip the script in three words twice the philosophical verbs
in case you haven’t heard that’s absurd.
I’m the wicked & conspicuous we could rhyme every word in time rewinding the second hand of time double the matters
compiling figures of matter that’s money in the bank honey its interest with stipulations upon graduation webcast this worldwide premiere of futures feature broadcasting this here. Sick lines with six sets of rhymes pacing time’s of spiritual spitz despite twice the kick ass words it heards the three verbs my phrases paralyze & disguised words thats wicked with every thrid verb. That’s two rhymes in lines of rhythm in words killing single to doubled up rthums & squares rhymes with dropping dimes on two thirds of Mc’s.

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