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Emotional stages of Phrases


More than words xscape when poetry is written with poet’s mind’s emotional & slow.
Figures of speech releases where did phrases cycling the emotional stages.
Phrases containing more phrase of acceptance worded creations are the sentences by the emotional stages, Figure’s of philosophical approaches to phrases. Paraphrases the commitment less sentences to convey the philosophy and understand the emotional stages of a continual cycling wages gratuities as gestures by the words phrased. Words caress the mind’s extension are the eyes soothing & healing with softer words continues emotional stages. Softer words express more beautiful emotions, by compiled words with complexities a complication to the mind’s reading the poetry’s expressions. Dazzling displays the rhyme in which words flow following everyday shuffling where did phrase designs the rhythm. 

A structured sentence seasoning the poet what’s reasoning approaching ones way of thinking to the emotional stages. Thoughts are words constructing meaning compiling sentences combining the rhythm becomes feelings allowing rhythms in paraphrases combine lines constructing sentence’s of written poetry’s words in a single file line are life’s word’s in world’s complexities. Paraphrases conveying feelings and emotional stages slowly bindings between sediments of philosophical sediments between emotional and stages a gridy, words of sandy ways grinds which word’s compose raps phrases compelling rhymes with beats in contusions rhythm of structured Paraphrases. metaphors glamorize the comparison Between two structures or philosophical objects containing compiling of the word phrases compelling the emotional stages. Phrases containing more words compares complexities with obligation to comparison of more powerful words of softer caresses a compling words by phrases the more emotional by a devoted poet’s philosophy inducing more powerful stages by complexities of emotional reworded phrases. Mytics with mystical powers in written sentences containing emotional flurries introducing readers feeling to worry.

Compiling the words increasing dramas mere drummers beats regarding capitalization of theatrical drama’s emotional cycles changing stages more compelling by year’s of poet’s succulent seasoning a habanero tobuskus sauce with speeds spicy circle of life’s elegance in thetratical dramas mere architect’s of poets poetry. ☆ Sier’s Struts spickets of funneling F it’s splitting romantical wizardry in sheer beauty of Life’s elegance wisdom’s living life’s Angelique’s seasons due Unconditional vitures of prophets phrases in love’s complexities a complication to cognitive man.
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  1. The GMLA

    Is this about instant correct response to whatever hits the eyes? As in instant correct judgement?

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