Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Universe frequency


Universe frequency please €nlighten me the dark, to bright to see.
frequency please, universe bring back the lost & weak of me, frequency of the humanity.. I’m blind bruised heal what’s left of me.. Thank You universe I’m enlightened by the frequency once Lost & blind, along that very same way,but now its found more frequent of me..

Orchids vine wines
Tasty of life’s preaching
Sweet sermons, due preacher
D u € life due beyond, to dream
Apple cider Vineyard Vines
Tasty fruity wines
Later & taste sweeter life sweet,
sweeter pink sweet
£ife, £ove
Sweet and low of l

Chassidy to the virgin life,
sweet Virginia living sweeter life..
Tasted sour apple blossoms pucker,  pucker
To taste cherry blossoms tasty grows….
Angelique the one who knows
Bubbles of Life champagne of love
Creature dwelling sweet love {ºUniverseº}
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      ☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★ 

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☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★

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  1. Well played!

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    March 9, 2015 at 15:01

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  3. It resonates and ripples like a stone skipping a lake…

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    March 11, 2015 at 01:38