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The philosopher who takes a personal viewing of life no rhyme or reason it’s the rhyme of the reason to the beauties of Earth’s four seasons.  Limes to sour  lemons the sweet puckering of every breath. Living the greatest of virtues from day to every day one day at a time. The elegance of intellectual beauty the resilience of a crazy mind, living life as a lesson. The elegance of philosophy “best lessons of mind is timeless and invaluable to the mastermind.”  Enchanting beauty of life’s finicky essence, it’s brilliance underneath night’s star studded premier.  Orchestrating and settling the settlements of everyday life’s composed elegance in symphonies of harmony.
Skyline lights the beauty of the night skies living the romantic Rome of an architectural wonder greatest feats of Earth’s features.

Diner bell rings from the garden of eden, it’s a treacherous walk for a dinner.  Society precludes the desired desert an what is it that you want. Customary for a cost in effect at time of desired treachery.  Spicy cold seasonal tradition in this play.  I have what your desire to rage on life’s grand funk stage. All the blame is taking pain of this desired game we all just rats in a maze of societies game. What is it that you want I want some to?  Plain as Desire to a game can you find your way? It’s societies broadcast of this conformity where’s all the rats in life’s Maze of desires?

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  1. Such a sad, but true, take on life…as the essence of beauty, i.e., the rose, the relationship, the future–burst asunder with the outside influences that have become our society, our life, our existence. It seems that what man has created has festered and spoiled. But when we read our history, we see recurrences of damaged psyches and cruel hostilities back to the beginning of our limited records. How does “man” the thinking, feeling, knowing homo sapien keep repeating acts of war, violence, and despair? Still, there are angels here on earth, goodness in the hearts of many, and beauty beyond belief hidden in corners of the Universe…which do you choose? (I ask this not personally, but philosophically…a thought to ponder inspired by your genius.)

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    January 4, 2015 at 16:19

    • The angels our spiritual energy here in this dimension I believe the universe is interconnected through energies. Man is slowly reclaiming his existence as an animal here on earth. The dogmas of science are changing man must live inside Mother Earth Plateau.


      January 4, 2015 at 16:22

  2. The GMLA

    You need a new rose.


    January 18, 2015 at 20:32