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Crazy Munsters in my Head


Mommy the friends underneath my bed
don’t scare me like the crazy voices
in my head.

The monsters in my head
the voices full of dread.

Like monsters underneath my bed
scare you, there aware of you.

To many voices in this place
where’s the voice of sanity.

Precarious sound’s from underneath
my bed,  only come out at night.

The monster’s have been there
all along,  but the voices have
just come along.

The insane asylum a place
where the pendulum of
crazy swings.

These voices in my head
drive me crazy.

The monsters underneath
my bed protect me,
from the crazy voices in my head.

Insane insanity this vanity
of crazy should be fashion.

Envision the voices of dread
inside my head twice the
crazy as the monster’s
underneath my bed.

The voices in my head
singing with the monsters
underneath my bed.

To the tune of crazy the
symphony of insanity
orchestrated by this vanity.

Crazy monsters tuning the voices
in my head singing insane insanity.

I’m the composer conducting
the symphony of this insane
insanity with my unique vanity.

Orchestra haven’t seen rhythms
of insane rhymes like the song’s
in my head frightful and full of dread

These are the songs in my head
Orchestrated with twice the dread
the monsters underneath my bed.

Good night sleep screaming tight.

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