Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Love’s Fable

The fable of love the universe
will tell the destiny of love.

When you laugh I cry
open your eyes the stars in the sky.

The hands that caress
sweetness to fulfill the promise.

Understand hope at a glance
continues even when we cry.

Not a single dry eye 
love’s duality its life’s wicked romance.
The sun shining ray’s of hope
embrace the moonlight even
if its just for tonight

The insatiable sensation
when the Sun meets the sea.
The perfection of convenience
the need to caress affection.

 The tears I cry not having


you with me anymore.

Affectionately the youth of a hug
the illumination of a kiss.

The theory of a universal love
comes together existence in
the universe to be one with each other.

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