Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

A cherished future


The future of futuristic lines a cherished personality with swagger for the future in time. Prestigious philosophical crazy mind prophet of prolific wisdoms and spiritual guides. Visioneer of futures lyrical pioneer capitalizing on times mesmerising rhymes in dimensions of an era in features of futures premiere. Orchestrating symphony of harmony in life glitzy glamorous spicket of funneling spitz tasty delights, bits of morsels to greater times. Dedication to earth’s four seasonal premiere of a pubs pockets of provocative time’s in performing arts. Poet writing fascinating lines in life’s poetics scripts changing the world one word at a time. Giving life’s finicky essence of intellectual beauties the intellectual hallmarkings of life’s logo’s. A dedication to the proposition of personal gains in profitable widths of spiritual growth. A mystic with monumental proportions of bravery,  grateful gratuities in everyday life, giving more asking less than many .


☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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