Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue



Now look I”m  in trouble, its a flavor of the rainbow,   like no others that’s what keeps me in trouble..
I’m always looking that’s the color of  flavors vari- differently  in each part of the country…

But I’m on a World tour around that bubble,  the flavors most influential, by that big round thing they call the bubble..
0H lordy Lordy I’m in trouble again,  all about that big round bubble.. I keep staring like the whole spacecraft, is geometry  outer space;  Hubble around that great big bubble..

Very bright colors for all to see,  I’d like to give you the third , to see in between that great big bubble, & make it a double,   ode delicious, most flavorful , with the sweetness most unique, to every bubble no 2 alike,  big bubbles are around alike it’s asymmetrical geometry of the body most unique to every beauty..

Stand & get up,  now get out there on the floor;  time to shake that bubble oh yeah please keep me in trouble..

You’re blazing, I’m staring like never before its all around the stares on your bubble,  it’s packaged like skittles,  rainbow of Fruit Flavored colors, packaged up all nice and neat in your bubble..

Where the colors dip, make me flip, double up to step it up,  to the double,  now move around that great big bubble on the floor, move it like never before…
Dip now step and slide make those feet glide make room for that great big wide bubble, it’s yours to glide, 
all the way on the floor,  now dance double dip,  glide smooth to the floor ,glide with a dip..
  Now double dip glide and shake it all around make the big geometry all around a great big bubble,  keep the flavors many,  colors are bright & flavors are great with big bubbles, the dip with slides, step it up.. Dance on the floor like never before, give it all you got..

Step to the motion,  dip and glide on the floor,  dance some more,  show us the colors of creation,  make us want the flavors of that big round bubble , you got going on,  behind you on the floor were all staring at the bubble that’s what’s going to keep us in trouble…
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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  2. This is like my favorite one so far! 🙂 I can definitely write a response to this! 😉 “Juicy Fruit”

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  3. EarthSprout

    You sure are!! Beed pritection?


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  4. EarthSprout

    Need protection… That was Yiddish :(.


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