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Everyday Abstracts


Walking sideways backflip pick your nose smell the roses enjoy everyday poses. Double hop skip scotch On the Rocks top notch.
Today’s rhythm based on yesterday’s wisdom, don’t forget to call before your late. You know what they say you are a moment away from hesitation. Little Bo Peep what a creep I Drive a four wheel Jeep. Want to drink with some wisdom :
Cheers here’s to me,  here’s to you if we disagree f*** you here’s to me.” Once too many, a picket fence to keep you in now look out the window and see who wins.

Productive conversation leads to legislation it’s perceive personas as the words of complexities. It’s like living in the big city ” cross the street” with yesterday’s wisdom knowing today is the day to live. And always forgive but you don’t have to forget. 
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Last live with love and laugh you live longer. Give more ask less it’s funky essence of your cherished personality call it swagger don’t be a backstabber.
The awesome seasonal spicy sauce tasty jalapeno on habanero.
Now that will pay the bank roll life takes its toll so you can scroll through everyday living right click here,

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