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The what if in life.


The ifs and what ifs are the only things to regret in life… Never settle for what if , or if the only, or only if I.. Happiness will come when you find a love for the working of the science of own self.
Patience your life is ahead of you,& you’ve earned the right to remain hopeful and excited about your future..
Life is not a fairytale you will be pressured, your emotions will get the best of you at times.. Your pride will be blocking you, from your ego.. Mistakes often happen and people will often judge you.. Take action accept responsibility, open up be realistic about your expectations your heart can be the bitterness or the sweetness of your personality open up allow the healing acceptance of own self..

Now you’re on a roll block the bitterness of life be the judge of your own mistakes make a judgement upon own self…
Acceptance is not being unrealistic, perfections of ownself will happen perfect is not the realistic of ownself objections are the expectation of perfection & taking the inventory of own self.
Nothing in life is perfect love is not perfect love is a powerful happiness of understanding a complex and adorable person of your love..
True love is the person your truly in love with  & accepts you, for you truly an opportunity for you to share your life, with the love of your life..

While in love, you will find flaws of your love, and your £ove, as a person Its a big gift & well worth the price of Love…
Loving someone is the somebody of acceptance of who you are and expects flaws & imperfections of £ove..
They adore your imperfections of you, it’s love well balanced, and shares the opportunity to be valued and respected as a £oving person.. Love of the most unconditional, flawed, imperfect, inconspicuous, mistakeful, but humam, & Loves, the most opportunistic, complex, loving person, high on cloud nine in £ove…
That is the most opportunistic £oving ₩ife & Husband ever £oving £ife..

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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  2. It’s a really good visual, but it hurts my eyes,lol

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    And most important of all, don’t forget to have fun along the way.

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  5. Great, so appropriate graphics…sometimes my life feels that way. I fight the confusion and illusion.

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  6. I love this one! Great image as well!

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  7. wow….I liked your blogs…and thanks for reading mine. I have been remiss lately and not written much…now you have inspired me.


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