Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

War Within


The war within this one
I can’t win.

Wager of a war
The journey of
War within.

My sights are set
My mind’s blank
Journey deep within
This war I can’t win.

This war in my head
It’s where it resides
To journey from within
These wall’s conform
to keep me in.

The battle field’s of war
           Kill my joy.

These are the hand’s that kill
An the hand’s that scar my mind
Are deep within.

The raging conflict of me
I’m too blind to see.

This conflict is a war
Killing two sides of me.

Now that the war is through
with me there’s nothing left.

Explosions from
deep within.

This is a war
I can’t win.

The two sides conflicting
over me, just who is it that
I’m going to be.

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