Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Weaving a Fabric.


Alluring elusive protruding words from the conception of a deception of a funnel tunneling the lyrical word’s.
Unique elegance transversing the harmony of syllables. Spilling ink’s unique complexities & transverse ecoh’s tuning the non-reversible in a conspiracy theories of time’s universal complexities.
All in due time elegant to the precipitation of anticipating succulent aromas and therapeutics beauties of the written line.
My words provoke gestures gautites in  good times with a hint to rhymes.
Compelling melodies  of poetries rhythm displays unique abilities through syllables.
Excuse me while I grab those words in the back of your mind.
The lyrical words protruding in the concept of time in reverse from your mind.
Open your eyes let me stick your eyes to witness these shocking daggers sticky new word’s.

Your eyes bleed the perception by bleeding the deception of my Pinpoint needle-like precision confusing the classified perception.
The round Spears of complexities talking dexterity okie dokie by poking the provoking persuasive succulent lines.
Interceptions of decisive complexities multifaceted facilities complex disturbing & debilitating gestures duties of persuasive gratuities.

 Backwards my word’s weave the fabric of time, precise incisions of the cross stitch fabric.
Elastic but plastic stretched every word dividing time into sediments durable wines staggering the crooked prance.  Viable precise complexities inducing the inductive an indexing the physics of rhymes.  Extraordinary moments deceiving eyes to visualize the perception of an aesthetic beauty. Asymmetrical of a symmetrical shape curvaceous obsessed line’s silhouette of precise beauty.

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  1. Incredible ying/yang picture…dragons!

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    February 10, 2015 at 05:47