Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue



Philosophically their’s respective author’s of the heart’s humanity in love’s lifetime unconditionally greatest of philosophy. Fondle starts crimes of wickedness more wikid words of enthusiasm for greater times. Formal formats dines vineyards vines of fruity red wines,& persuasive beauty’s to adoring sipping beauty’s tasting wonderfully sweetness of lighting stars.
Romeo’s theater’s roaming through romances in Rome’s architectural wonder’s, precisely placing words.  Prolifically poetic poetry’s eye’s eyewitnesses quicker directions, fortellers to the beauties in future’s gazing.  Stronger the mightiest idea’s youthful strengths living four season’s architectural’s premiers.
Earth’s beauty broadcasting Milky way’s gambling frontier. Re-write chanderlers lighting a star’s premier. The intellectual brilliance in a star’s personality, the resilience of a crazy mind. 
Speeds of a Maserati mind no duplicate one of a kind.

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