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Tactician with Scars of insanity

Devoted loyalty to the point
of death these memories
scar my mind.

To give more and ask less
these are the memories
that scar my mind.

Endangering 300 plus
    million people
these are the memories
that scar my mind.

To be cheated of less than deserved
lied to and humiliated these are
the memories that’s scar my mind.

Stone cold hard evidence
falsified police report
documented on video.
These are the memories
that scar my mind.

The justice system of scathing
reports identifying more
than just the community.
These are the memories
that scar my mind.

To return from a foreign land a foreign Man
sent to defend the Nation’s interest
these are the memories that
scar my mind.

A society’s stigma, the enigma deciphering words these are the scars that hurt the worst.

Dismantling America policy by policy politician by politician leading the blind in the
society of me me me these are the scars
that burn my mind.

Knowing the injustice of
failing systems and do nothing
these are the politicians
that’s scar my mind.

To possess the abilities and the unique capabilities however me me me takes over, these are the politician’s that’s scar my mind and dismantle America.

There is the price to pay
vengeance is not mine
I am a peaceful man.
What will be the happiest day of mind.

A ruthless multifaceted genius
Karma’s a bitch
When you are second

Tactician a breed all amongst itself.
I suspect not too many
seeds are left the best
of the best.
Armed forces,  Special forces,
      Force’s of nature.

Multi roll war Fighter
skilled in the dexterity
Air Surface Subsurface
Command & Control
Electronic Warfare
Space warfare.
Complexities in a university
of government structures
social structures economic
            Multi roll
versatile kombat facilitating
ingredients from underneath
the sea to outer space.

You can’t qualify for it
you can’t work for it
there’s no school for it.

Unique abilities acquiring
vast amounts of data sets
& strings excute verbatim
operating orders and so
forth can listen on the
battlefield undetermined
tactics and achieve 
tactical superiority.

Can listen and identify mistakes
in the command and
control center just by

Generates on-the-fly tactics
intergrated to the capabilities
and limitations of assets
commands personnel
and all other structures.

Intelligence quotient has
nothing to do with it.

Tactician a worldly breed
welcome to a understanding
of Norman Schwarzkopf
Adolf Hitler
Vladimir Putin.
Just to name a few weather it’s Stonewall Jackson on the battlefield Machine Gun Kelly or Bruce Lee in the arena of life, Tactician a rare dying breed.

Pendulum swings
insane to insanity
Straight Jacket’s
  Padded room
     Pissed in
    Just Like
Jack Horner.
We both pissed
          in a
   Crazy vanity
Insane Insanity
Forever fashion

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  1. EarthSprout

    Genius has always s been called insane. Perhaps it has an element of?


    April 6, 2015 at 13:32

  2. The GMLA

    A society required to die. We all get scared from it if we keep allegiance to it. Terror, fear can no longer have, demand allegiance.

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    April 6, 2015 at 16:34

  3. I will stand back now .


    April 10, 2015 at 05:41

  4. It will be so it shall be a greater power than man I stand little chance.


    April 10, 2015 at 05:42