Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Professional and personal


Connect the dots and
see my brilliance resilience
the tactical proficiency
of mine.

My mythical pen writes
a prism of colorful mythological
brilliance elementary of resilience.

My unique physique swagger
elements of cherished all but

Walking journey to righteousness
catchy an tricky to the spirit of
good knowledge in serving
Highest of Authority.

Stonewall Jackson on
the battlefield.
Machine Gun Kelly in
the street’s.
Bruce Lee in the
arena of life.

Relevance of elegance
intelligence of elements
resilience focus on brilliance
Unique physique of my physics
in rhymes.

Cuts the fabric of time
Custom uniquely designed
Cancer like rhymes
Eating pathetic fairy tales

My distinction is transversing
relativity by creativity turning
syllables into curable rhymes.

Without the element of time
the unique fabric across stich
feather like time, floating silhouettes
of a shadowing beauty.

Wicked stammer in life’s sprickets
it’s tickets hammered.
Spiritual Spitz tasty conglomerates
bite size morsels of wisdom.

Tasty wine from backyard vineyard vine.
Fruity red wine ageless taste of time.

Lyrical line’s in excess of time
Wicked numbers of rhymes
feel the feathers of time.

Designs futuristic lines comparison.
Dynamic systemic flexibilities.
Utilities of complex design the
father of future’s rhyme.

Essential stencil the
unique physics of swagger
The mystique physique looking
like a Sheik.

European lines twin luxuries
essentials of futuristic aligns.

Computational contemplation
the devastation of my cancer
like rhymes disintegration of
pathetic fairy tales.

Neither or either of which stitch
the cost fabric of time.

Dancing prancing to life’s wicked
stammered nailing it like a hammer.

Funneling & tunneling spiritual
lines tasty designs from
backyard vineyard vines.
Sweet elements of time.

Slicing & dicing lines
flexibilities unique dexterity
clarity to transparent coherent.

☆U N I V € R S € ☆
    °O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Premier
     21st century’s Poet
        £♡V €
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☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
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